company outline 

history of company

1966 Apr.
Marushin Shokai starts business in Chikusa, Nagoya.
1968 May
Marushin Towel is established with 4.5 million yen in captal.
1968 Oct.
Construction of new building is completed at 2 Nishiki, Naka, Nagoya
Increases capital stock to 10 million yen.
“Komo Haramachi Warehouse” is set up in Nishi, Nagoya.
Increases capital stock to 15 million yen.
Full-fledged office computers are installed, which made by Fujitsu Limited.
Business partnership with Nintendo Co., Ltd. begins. Produces goods featuring “Super Mario” on a commercial basis.
Increases capital stock to 30 million yen. Business partnership with Kodansha Ltd. begins. Produces goods featuring “Norakuro” on a commercial basis.
“Kasugai Distribution Center” is set up in Kasugai.
The 20th anniversary of the foundation of company is marked.
Business partnership with Sanrio Co., Ltd. begins. Produces goods featuring “Sanrio Characters” on a commercial basis.
3rd-floor lounge is established in the head office.
A showroom is established on the fifth floor of the head office.
Business partnership with Studio Ghibli Inc. begins. Produces goods featuring “My neighbor Totoro” on a commercial basis.
1996 Nov.
The 30th anniversary of the foundation is marked. Our corporate name is altered to Marushin Co., Ltd. The head office is moved to Moriyama. “Seto Distribution Center” is completed in Seto.
1997 Sep.
The fourth-floor showroom is established.
1998 May
A massive renovation of head office building is undergone.
1999 Jun.
Business partnership with Moomin Characters Ltd. begins. Produces goods featuring “Moomin” on a commercial basis.
2000 Jan.
Tokyo office is established in Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo.
2002 Oct.
Business partnership with The Walt Disney Company Ltd. begins. Produces goods featuring “Disney characters” on a commercial basis.
2003 Dec.
An entrance of head office is refurbished.
2004 Jan.
Towels of Expo 2005 is released.
2004 Apr.
Marushin (Shanghai) Trading Company is established.
2006 Jan.
Tokyo Office is moved to Nihonbashi-Ningyocho.
2007 Jan.
Osaka office is established in Kyutaromachi, Chuo, Osaka
2017 Sep.
Tokyo Office is moved to Nihonbashi 2.
2018 Feb.
Osaka office has been relocated to Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
Changed the name from Osaka office to Osaka branch.