The business of MARUSHIN is “planning & development, wholesaling, and distribution (importing) of towel products”.
It supports the market as a central player in the supply chain of the towel industry.

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Strength of MARUSHIN

MARUSHIN is a company that has overwhelming strengths in product planning, license, and logistics in the towel product supply chain.



Planning Ability

Together with about 40 designers in the company, MARUSHIN constantly grasp trends in the world and formulate plans that attract users through lively internal meetings.


Character License

MARUSHIN has entered the character licensing business as a pioneer in the industry, and is unrivaled as a top runner with more than 90 licenses. We continue to be committed to maximizing customer satisfaction through products that utilize popular licenses in Japan and overseas.

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Logistical Strength

MARUSHIN has a logistics center in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, and has built its own logistics network. We have a system that can immediately respond to the arrival of products from domestic and overseas manufacturers and shipments to customers.