President &Chief Executive Officer : Kazunari Mashita

Based on achievements and trusts we gained beyond half century, we will aim for further growth with young manpower!

Thank you for your continued patronage to MARUSHIN Co., Ltd. Our company was founded during the Showa high-economic growth period. Since then, we have always been looking ahead for market needs and made efforts building a system to deliver just in time what end users actually require.
Furthermore, in the licensing business we are one of the leading companies possessing the largest number of licenses nationwide, and we are actively and strategically working on global business development such as to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and so on, achieving results steadily.

Our company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, and on this momentous year I assumed the post of President and Chief Executive Officer. Based on achievements and trusts we gained over the years, I have the responsibility to make sure our further growth in the future.
The environment and industry surrounding our company are now moving towards an era of “reform.” Under such circumstances, the key to the growth of company would be the “manpower” by young talented individuals. As a group uncovering opportunities without being afraid of failures, we will aim for organizing a firm company with “challenger’s spirit.”
In addition to our products, supplying and distributing capability, we will continue going forward into the future as a whole, with “Creativity” making originality and “Surprise” offering inspiring stimulus.