• Honorary Chairman
    Kenichi Mashita

    Expecting the company’s leap along with Japan’s growth and development

    On the period of high-economic growth―when Meishin highway between Nagoya-Osaka was built, when Tokaido Shinkansen was launched, and when the Tokyo Olympic was held as the first Olympic in Japan―exactly when Japan was in its good times proceeding to future with remarkable growth, “MARUSHIN-Shop” was founded in Nagoya.
    At first I started this business by myself, but with a strong willing to organize it as a company someday, MARUSHIN Co., ltd. was founded in 1968 with the support of my brothers and families. Since then, we have gotten results steadily, giving first priority to gain the credit from customers. In 1984, we moved our company to Hananoki, Obata, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, and later we newly established our distribution center in Seto-shi, building a consistent supplying system from planning, development, production to logistics.
    Our company today succeeded in shifting president into third generation, and we sincerely appreciate for all the customers, clients, and our staffs supporting the company’s development for many years.
    As the company keeps rejuvenating, further energy would be generated and would lead to further development. Looking forward for the company’s undiscovered potential, we ardently hope for more and more growth toward the future.

  • Senior Managing Director
    Noriyoshi Suzuki

    In the era of “diversification” and “speediness,” we will improve ourselves furthermore with the feelings of gratitude.

    We are trying our best as one for the company’s further growth every day, and I myself feel a strong sense of responsibility as becoming a cornerstone of the company’s history since I joined MARUSHIN.
    The towel industry is now entering a very diversifying era. Not only the market’s need, but also in distribution a wide-ranging adaptability is needed, and simultaneously the “speediness” through orders, production and shipment is required. In such era, sales need to cherish the attitude of hearing real customer’s opinions, and through detailed communication, we are putting effort into establishing a new system of improving the customer satisfaction.
    MARUSHIN’s strength is the number of licenses we possess, and our top-class ability in towel industry of planning new and original products. MARUSHIN is also a company where younger talented human resources can show their imagination creating something from zero with fresh perspective.
    Even though the era changes rapidly, the base of trade does not change every time― “The feelings of gratitude.” We will improve ourselves every day to make our individual’s growth into the company’s potentiality to survive, always being grateful to all the people concerned and all the supports we receive.

  • Managing Executive Officer
    Kunihiro Yamashita

    With a further enforcement of global business, we would aim to be the one to lead the industry as a pioneer.

    In recent years we have been purchasing and selling products not only domestically but also widening the trading area worldwide such as to China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Europe, ASEAN countries, North America and so on. In overseas exhibition, we are actively working on customer acquisition by promoting our capabilities of planning, marketing, and delivering by showcasing license business items and original design items.
    Through the cooperation with our merchandise division, we are also making effort in spreading “MARUSHIN brand” globally by releasing collaboration items with famous domestic brands to foreign countries, which also have added value as “Made / Designed in Japan.”
    By building business model with foreign countries, we can gain trust and satisfaction from customer, and through the experience of making success and achievements, employees can cultivate their inner confidence. People, goods and money―through these management resources, as it is said that “A company is its people,” the way of using people would create the base of company business. In future we will attempt to renovate the education system to develop human resources who can play toughly on a global stages.
    We will consider constantly how we can attract and offer benefits to the licensers as partner, and by keeping challenging as a pioneer of the industry, we will aim to become a leading company that represents Japan.

  • Board Director
    Ikuko Minamoto

    With their views and soft powers of women, we will disseminate the Japanese culture to the world!

    “Challenging Spirit”―this is what MARUSHIN set as a corporate identity. The largest number of possessing licenses in towel industry, products planning ability by our own designers, and our own coherent distributing system―as we always moved with the concept of looking ahead to the future, we have made the position certainly as one of the best innovators in the industry.
    Such concept can also be seen in the number of women-staff employment, that almost 60% of all employees in MARUSHIN are women, playing an active part in their each divisions. I myself also assumed the post of the first female board director in MARUSHIN, and it is my responsibility to hand over and teach my experiences to the younger generations to support their career advancement.
    Also as a member of merchandise division, I also give presentations positively regarding the creation of new sales market in foreign countries. After understanding each country’s diversity of culture, we plan for products “Made in Japan” which we can spread Japanese culture and arts attractively, and we are making efforts to disseminate the “Real” Japanese culture to the world.
    We are now entering an era when more and more “soft powers” are demanded. Regardless of gender, we always need to cultivate “Creativity” which would be the source of ideas and inspirations, and we will aim to be the professional group leading the whole towel industry’s trend.

  • Board Director
    Yoshinari Oshiyama

    We will develop “manpower” that can support, move, and change the company.

    The history of domestic towel industry is very old, and although its number decreased sharply when the Japanese bubble economy collapsed, most of the company surviving now have a long history of over 80 to 90 years. We MARUSHIN always competed with the challenging spirit of catching up with and surpassing such companies, and got the top-class achievements in recent towel industry. With this experience, we are aiming to consolidate such top position in Japan with our young mobility, and to become the role model through all of the competitors.
    Long seller item will not be created only by following fashion goods or being influenced by trends. In MARUSHIN, we are focusing on developing original design like no other, which would be popular, being loved, and used in long term rather than transient hit items. To enhance competitiveness, it would be important to respond to the market’s need and distribution request as fast and as accurate as you can. Moving forward with anticipation and hypothesis of the change in the needs, and enforcing the system which would supply only what is actually being demanded―we would head for a further growth cherishing such planning ability and speediness.